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Welcome to my site!  I am Andrea Garst, author of Happiness in 10 Days or Less.  Your presence here means you are open to the idea that you CAN have Happiness and much much more!  In addition to reading my book, please take a look at my blogs, to help inspire and encourage you on the path to your dreams.You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on my most recent projects and appearances. Follow me on Instagram and also on Pinterest and watch me create my “dream boards.”  Setting intentions happens whether you do it consciously OR subconsciously, so why not set them as high as the SKY?  After all, you may just get what you ask for:)• Featuring the amazing pen and ink art from my very talented brother, James Garst.

To order your copy, or the Kindle version, go to Amazon HERE.

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  2. I just finished reading Your Book. It’s a Really Good Read!!! I really enjoyed it. Not only could i understand it, but i could relate to it. It sends a very Positive Message to All who reads it. I hope this book is read by many and understood by All.

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